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Call Center Services
Knowing the services a Call Center can provide to a company, Absolute Value is in the position to offer these services to its clients through the Absolute Values’ network Call Center especially in fields like:
  • ▪ Costumer Care
  • ▪ Technical Support
  • ▪ E-secretary
  • ▪ Orders and booking management
  • ▪ Clientele expansion & preservation
  • ▪ Database Management
  • ▪ Debt Collection
  • ▪ Market researches & polls
  • ▪ Back Office services
The experience of our group company's stuff after many years of work in leading positions of Call Centers is an asset for our clients. It also means, that we are not only aware of the services a Call Canter can provide, but we can also assure our clients about the results of such a collaboration.

The AV guarantees that the methodology for implementing projects , the excellent daily operation business processes and the achievement of the objectives of our customers are the result of excellent staff education, professional handling of all individual procedures through an excellent communication between the groups, managers , customers, suppliers and partners.