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Training & Quality Control
Monitoring the work done to ensure it moves towards the set standards of performance of the staff of any organization is an integral part of management and it is of such importance that a whole approach has been developed known as Management By Objectives (MBO).

The role of Quality Control is to appraise actual performance against targets and to take corrective action if underperformance occurs. Retraining of staff is the most effective way to strengthen any weaknesses and improve the staff’s effectiveness by meeting their special needs.

Absolute Value, with its experienced human resources, can help your business with Quality Control and Training efficiently and effectively.

Training Management & Development

While it is an unquestionable fact that some salespeople are born with the talents for such a career, effective selling can and must be developed through the right training. Sales training can help aspiring salespeople develop and practice the skills they need to succeed and increase their confidence level. Proper sales training is important for a number of reasons such as improving communication skills and learning sales methodology.

Along with the development of the techniques which will make salespeople more effective, the development of a business attitude and profile incorporating the proper business language and manners is of vital importance. A well trained salesperson guarantees increased numbers of new customers and sustainability of the existing ones.

Absolute Value, with its experienced people, can help in the best training of your company’s personnel and, thus, the development of your business.

Evaluations & Stuff Improvement

AV evaluating effectiveness through compiling and analyzing data gives a great deal of attention on staff’s evaluation analysis, positioning validation, and changing roles or responsibilities if it is necessary.

Through successful communication approach with all levels, AV is guiding them to the corporate policies and to the strategic decisions.

Internal Communication/Motivation

ΑV gives the correct guidelines to maintain good climate with staff, through frequent communications between all levels and guiding them to the corporate policies and to the strategic decisions.

Quality Management

What is the right way to follow in order to have well trained satisfied employees? What is the right way to train them in order to be successful qualified professionals?

AV believes that the Evaluation of the results of a project by Quality Management includes all processes required to demonstrate that the project covers the needs for which it is undertaken. It is also essential that the instructions required by the Quality Assurance System (SAS) of the company should be followed.

All actions undertaken and implemented by AV are according to the ISO standards.

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